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Quick informational tips about counseling

When to seek help?


At some time in everyone's Lives we will face emotional obstacles. It is completely normal to have moments of feeling upset, sad, angry and even anxious. When those feelings become disturbing and become a problem in your daily life. When these emotions tend to hang around for a week or even months that is a sign that you need to seek help. 

 Here are a few reasons to seek professional help.

  1. Suicidal thoughts
  2. Unrelenting depression
  3. Uncontrollable crying
  4. Loss of appetite
  5. Problems sleeping
  6. Panic attacks
  7. Feelings that your life is meaningless
  8. Trouble completing daily tasks
  9. Increased irritability and anger
  10. Feelings of hopelessness and helplessness
  11. Intensified longing for your loved one
  12. Gone to familiar places hoping to see your loved one
  13. Avoided people or places that remind you of the departed
  14. Addictive behaviors, drinking more or gambling
  15. Lack of self-care
  16. Trouble believing that your loved one is dead
  17. Loss of identity
  18. Worries about yourself
  19. Others expressing concern for you
  20. Been withdrawing from social interactions
  21. Multiple losses in a short period of time
  22. Feelings of worthlessness
  23. Persistent grief
  24. Frequent nightmares
  25. Intrusive thoughts
  26. A lack of a support system
  27. A constant reliving of the death
  28. Unexplained illnesses such as headaches or stomachaches
  29. Been hearing voices that frighten you
  30. Been feeling sad and unmotivated

- the listed  reasons are Credit of Psychology today.

What to expect in a counseling session


Every appointment is a hour long, you will build a relationship with Dr. Watkins as she caters every appointment around the individuals' needs. You will discuss your views, values and what is going on in your life that is causing you difficulties. Dr. Watkins and you  will develop a mutual understanding  built through a nonjudgmental relationship. She will implement techniques that will be beneficial to you.  

What if Medication is needed?


You and Dr. Watkins will discuss if there are any additional methods needed, such as prescribing a medication.

How will you know if the counseling is working?


Within a few sessions you may possibly notice a difference in yourself. This will also be based on how open you are with your counselor. Being transparent is the way to get your treatment on the fast track to a new beginning. 

Questions to ask yourself


Before you  ask yourself if this was the right decision, you will need to know if you have really given counseling a chance. If your answer is yes, then ask yourself the following questions.

Am I comfortable with my counselor?

Am I Understood?

Are my needs being addressed?

Has My Counselor and I agreed on goals for my treatment?

Can  I change my goals  at any time?

DO you feel that you are making any progress?

Seeking help is OK!


 We live in a time where people are often ashamed to seek the help of a professional as they fear it is a sign of weakness. This is not true. Seeking help is something that is becoming more common. It takes strength to reach out when dealing with emotional upsets. When you seek help you are demonstrating  a want to improve the quality of yourself and your relationships. 

Seeing a counselor is completely confidential. At no time will we release any information to anyone with out your consent,